Kianoush Darban : The man behind a successful story of a Realtor in Dubai

Kianoush Darban

To get into a particular field and work towards attaining a particular goal is one thing, and to get into a field and work consistently to create a legacy is altogether a different life goal. Exuding the passion, the madness and the perseverance to create his unique name in the industry and create a success story that can act as a case study for others is one of the top luxury real estate agents in Dubai named Kianoush Tahvili Darban.

It is not a bed of roses to create a name across the rising luxury real estate sector in a place like Dubai, which is known for its outstanding skyline constructions and properties. Even in a competitive market industry, Kianoush Darban emerged as a sought-after real estate agent for his astute skills and knowledge in the industry and innate abilities to make the deal happen for all his clients even in millions and take them nearer their visions in attaining their dream homes and spaces.

These consistent efforts and exceptional leadership skills in the industry with having had the rich experience of being a business development manager working across many leading companies, Kianoush Darban attained a verified status on ‘Property Finder’, which is UAE’s topmost and the best property site, dealing in the selling and buying of luxurious homes, apartments, commercial spaces and much more.

His prominence in the industry like a leader has only grown manifold leading him to also win the Property Finder Award sharing the stage with the founder of the site himself Michael Lahyani. They became the recipient of the best real estate company award in the UAE 2-3 years ago. This proves the credibility and authenticity of the company and the successful deals that Kianoush Darban has had carried so far in his career dealing in millions like Bvlgari residences and hotels with increased specialization in other luxury projects as well like City Walk, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, etc.

From studying medicine and then computing in the UK to joining the sales business as a sales consultant for Phones4u, considered to be one of the best and the biggest phone retailers of the UK to becoming a Business Development Manager at DeVere Groups in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, to getting back to the UK and joining the real estate industry with Countrywide and earning the position of a Branch Manager at Bridgfords in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne and retaining the position and status of the top Sales Agent of the year at Driven Properties since a few years, exhibits the eternal passion and perseverance of this talented man.

Today, he owns a marketing and consulting firm named KD Middle East and has an exclusive contract for working with Driven Properties. He has even gone ahead to bowl over people with his skills as a fitness model and influencer with influencing people so much that today many of the youngsters consider him as his idol.

Do not forget to know more about him by connecting with him through Instagram @kianoush.darban.