Kerala State Differentially Able Welfare Corporation Limited Introduces Disabled Welfare Pension


In a significant move, Kerala State Minister R Bindu has announced the renaming of the Disabled Welfare Pension to the “Kerala State Differentially Able Welfare Corporation” or “Kerala State Differentially Able Welfare Corporation Limited.” This change comes following official directives to eliminate the term “disabled” from government matters. The decision to adopt this new nomenclature had its fair share of challenges. The proposal for this name change was initially presented to the Union Ministry of Companies through an online submission during a board meeting held last August. Regrettably, the approval was initially denied due to technical reasons.

Undeterred by the initial setback, the Corporation has received fresh instructions to expedite the renaming process. This involves convening a meeting of the Board of Directors and the General Body to officially implement the name change within government forums. The upcoming Board meeting scheduled for the 25th will play a pivotal role in advancing this important change. Subsequently, the General Body will be called upon to endorse the new name, marking the completion of the renaming process.