Anticipated Low Pressure In Arabian Sea Brings Extended Rainfall To The State For Next Five Days

According to the Central Meteorological Department, the state is likely to experience rain accompanied by thunder and lightning for the upcoming five days. Presently, a cyclone is active over South Tamil Nadu, situated in the South-Eastern Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep. Projections indicate that this cyclonic circulation will intensify, forming a low-pressure system by October 17.

The Central Meteorological Department has revealed that the approaching cyclone, set to transform into a low-pressure area by Tuesday, may head in a west-northwest direction, further intensifying in the next 48 hours. Consequently, the weather advisory suggests a likelihood of moderate to medium-intensity rain with thunder and lightning across Kerala in the coming five days. The department also warns of potential heavy rainfall at isolated locations and anticipates wind speeds of 30 to 40 km per hour from October 15 to 19.