Levant Auto Trading’s Mr Fahed Alterkawi – the world’s emerging leader in the luxury car business.

Levant Auto Trading’s Mr Fahed Alterkawi
Levant Auto Trading’s Mr Fahed Alterkawi

Luxury cars are the epitome of class and signify a sophisticated taste. Naturally, the owner of the brand which manufactures them would have an eye for the most elegant and luxurious items. Mr Alterkawi is no less qualified to fit this description. With hard work and dedication, he has made Levant Auto Trading the highest-ranking name of luxury car sales in Dubai. With a plethora of top-drawer automobiles at the offer, including bigshot names like Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ferrari, he never fails to amaze his customers. With over 675 cars for sale and rental purposes, Fahed Alterkawi’s establishment is achieving great heights of success.

When he began his company in 2014, Fahed had predicted that the market for luxury cars in Dubai has a huge potential for growth. His estimations were proven correct when a few years later, the market was showing the exponential growth of 5%. Levant Motors has catered to this market with the utmost care and has consequentially garnered a vast as well as loyal customer base in luxury car sales in Dubai.

Mr Alterkawi’s beginnings in the business of luxury cars for sale in Dubai is as riveting as the growth of his company. He had laid the foundations of his brainchild originally in Syria, however, the Syrian Civil War forced him to emigrate to Dubai. He started afresh here, with high hopes and renewed energy, and ultimately succeeded in his business of buying and selling cars in Dubai.

Fahed Alterkawi’s tastes are quite refined, as mentioned earlier. He is the proud owner of an Audi, which he prefers to reserve for personal purposes. In fact, his experience of working in luxury showrooms for selling cars since 2007 has fine-tuned his choices. A visit to the Levant Motors showroom will reflect an eclectic balance of consumer demand with sophisticated priorities. In fact, his company specialises in both latest releases as well as preowned models of automobiles, having something to offer to both high-end and budget customers of luxury car sale in Dubai. Mr Alterkawi is now aspiring to expand Levant Motors even further, by opening at least two more showrooms in D