Rahul Sadasivan shares the Mammootty’s performance in Bramayugam

After Bhuthakalam, the film directed by Rahul Sadashivan, ‘Bhramayugam’, Mammootty’s character Koduman Poti in this film was a terror to everyone, now Rahul Sadashivan’s words about Mammootty’s performance in the film are getting more attention, Mammootty is someone who follows his body perfectly. Mammooka, who is so health conscious, has done the chicken eating scene beautifully in this film.

It was a good feeling when he gave that mannerism, there are two types of his storyboard, one is not human, but inside it is another mannerism, he is health conscious eating chicken but it was shot on the third day. When Mammooka ate it, we found it delicious.

No one’s nature comes out through this one mannerism, Mammooka first warms to Thevan but sometimes also shows human nature, at first he makes us feel that he is not a human but there is someone else inside which will surprise us, that’s what Mammootty actor Rahul Sadashivan says. Bhramayugam is a Malayalam film that has earned 50 crores this year. , this image is a black and white model.