Three Districts On Yellow Alert For Isolated Heavy Rain

In a recent update from the Meteorological Department, a yellow alert has been issued for three districts in the state. Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, and Idukki districts are now under a yellow alert, signaling a possibility of isolated heavy rainfall. Residents, especially those in hilly areas, are urged to exercise special caution due to the potential heavy rainfall in these regions. This alert comes in the wake of a depression forming in the Arabian Sea, leading to increased cyclonic vorticity over Southeast Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep, ultimately intensifying into a low pressure system over Southeast Arabian Sea and Central East Arabian Sea.

According to the Central Meteorological Department, over the next 24 hours, this strong low pressure is anticipated to move northwestwards and intensify, evolving into an extreme low pressure system over the Central Arabian Sea by October 21. Additionally, a cyclonic vortex has been identified over the southeast Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. Forecasters predict a strengthening western and northwesterly cyclonic circulation, likely forming a low pressure system over the central Bay of Bengal by October 20. Stay updated and prepared for changing weather conditions in the coming days.