This Is The Reason Behind Mammootty Stand Different From Other Actors

Mammootty is one of the proud stars of Malayalam cinema. He is also active in philanthropic work with different films. He does not disappoint anyone who comes to him for help. But he never does this kind of activity for publicity, he doesn’t like that. Many of those who were once active in cinema are rarely seen again. Mammootty is the first to come to the aid of the tragic news. The outside world is often unaware of this.There have been many instances where he has proved himself to be a class not only on screen but also in life. Mammootty came to the aid of Molly Kannamaly, who surprised the audience with the chalameri. Mammootty’s PA had visited Molly’s house saying he had done the necessary facilities for the operation in Thiruvananthapuram. Molly’s family members made it clear. Writer Sandeep Das has come up with a note about Mammootty’s help. He was written on his facebook page.”A chapter has been added to the book of the love of the great actor Mammootty. Mammootty has taken care of the treatment of actress Molly Kannamali, who suffers from heart disease. Molly, famous for her role as Chala Mary, was in a financial crisis when Mammootty came to her aid. Mammootty is not in the limelight. No one was known they were going to help. Mammootty’s PA was going to Molly’s house with the information that he had prepared the necessary facilities for Molly’s operation. The matter has revealed by Molly’s family. Mammootty could have gone straight to Molly’s house and take a picture if he wanted to, In that case, the image would have been smashed through social media. But He may not like that. He has always followed that even the left hand should not know what is given with the right hand.Mammootty had come to the relief camps during the floods in our country. Mammootty had visited the house of Javan Vasanthakumar, who died during the terror attacks in Pulwama. Mammootty has consoled the victims of the Puttingal firing in 2016. Even the pictures of many visits seem to be unavailable. That is the glory of Mammootty. When it comes to grieving colleagues, most filmmakers do not pretend to be. But Mammootty is a person who values ​​friendships and relationships. He was one of the few actors to pay homage to Thodupuzha Vasanthi when the poor actress passed away.Being labeled as arrogant has quietly saved many human lives. The society is still lovingly embracing the despised tribals. Mammootty also took care of the educational expenses of the children of Prem Kumar, who solicited help on Mammootty’s Facebook page. Mammootty made the movie ‘Peranpu’ without paying a single rupee. When asked about it, Mammootty said, “Not all films can make money.”MT Vasudevan Nair described Mammootty as ‘Ketavilak’. Let that lamp shine forever. Let the light shine on many dark lives.