You can darken your hair in just 1 minute without chemicals


A lot of people worry about hair loss and gray hair. Some people consider gray hair as something that makes them look distinguished; for others, it’s a reminder that they’re getting older. However you feel about it, gray or white hair is pretty much inevitable with age (if you’re fortunate enough to still have hair in your later years).
So many people use different types of oils to grow their hair and go to the beauty parlor for a hair spa. Which gives you the high expense and would not be a good solution. But we can effectively solve these problems without much effort and money. It will be a natural home remedy. So what we need is beetroot, tea water, and neelameri indigo powder. At firstly take 1 beetroot( half is enough if you have short hair) and cut it on small pieces and grind it with tea water ( don’t remove the tea from the water), that will be as much as enough to grind the beetroot, don’t be too loose. Then take another bowl to add 1 tablespoon neelameri indigo powder then put the grinded beetroot soup into it. The way to apply to the hair is at firstly wash your hair with any natural shampoo and dry it, then apply this simmer all around the hair after 1-hour wash it with water, don’t use shampoo. Continue this into 1-3 days at firstly if you have a huge grey hair problem and do it with once in a month. Otherwise, just apply once a month. It is equally applicable to men and women.
Just try it and you can see the miracle. Don’t waste your time and money just try it!