Hyderabad veterinary doctor murder: Killers gained Priyanka Reddy’s confidence before assaulting her


HYDERABAD: Did Priyanka Reddy’s killers initial gain her confidence below the pretext of serving to her and so entice and kill her? Her last decision along with her sister Bhavya shows however unknown persons had confronted her from moving ahead citing that she’s going to be in hassle thanks to her scooter’s flat tire. within the decision that lasted for 6 minutes forty-five seconds, Priyanka was detected speaking ordinarily, except once she same that she was feeling afraid observing the people that came to her aid.

vetinary doctor murder

Bhavya suggested her to attend the toll-plaza, however, Priyanka refused spoken the language it might be awkward to square at the toll-plaza. To which, Bhavya steered to go away the scooter at the spot and are available back home. “I started my bike, however, they started shouting from behind spoken language madam your tire is flat and you can not act. tho’ i assumed that I will dig repaired at the bus stand, they didn’t enable American state to travel ahead. They created the American state to get down and sent a boy to repair it. however he additionally came back spoken language all outlets were closed,” Priyanka told her sister Bhavya over the phone.


Bhavya same Priyanka last spoke to her at nine.22 pm and her phone was shifted around nine.44 pm. After anticipating your time, they rush to the toll-plaza to look for her. Later they inquired at the outlets, at the track and searched within the close areas, and so lodged a police criticism once they couldn’t find her.