‘Find some Humanity within yourself’, Parvathy to say no to Thrissur Pooram


Actress Parvathy Thiruvoth says that Thrissur Pooram should not be held this time as the number of patients is increasing in the state with the second coming of Covid. “A little humanity is good in this situation,” he said. Parvathy shared her post about Thrissur Pooram with journalist Shahina Nafisa on her Instagram story. ‘This is not the language to use at this point. But I find it difficult to use that language. I mean, you understand. Show a little humanity, ‘said Parvathy. The actress has also used the hashtag ‘No to Thrissur’.parvathy-insta story

‘ Whose festival is Pooram? Of males. Only for men of various races and religions. This celebration is going to make women, children and the elderly sick by coming home as carriers. ‘ – This was Shahina’s note. Literary and cultural activists had issued a joint statement against holding Thrissur Pooram in the wake of the escalation of Kovid. Director Dr Biju also reacted in strong language.’Election mammoth is over … now …. there is Kumbha Mela … here is Thrissur Pooram …. what a beautiful country …. in what century these people, rulers, politicians and festival lovers live …. these are the real viruses. The coronavirus must bow before them. ‘ Biju said.