Kuruthi Malayalam Movie Review

‘Kuruthi’ is a problem hidden in three letters. It is a film in which the viewers cannot judge at once on whose side the justice is, on whose side the injustice is, who is right, who is wrong, who is good and who is evil. ‘Kuruthi’, which comes at a time when audiences are complaining about the deluge of thriller films in Malayalam, is more than just a thriller, it is a film of various dimensions.

A forest, a detached house within it. A few people from outside come to that house one night as uninvited guests. The theme of the film is some of the events and conflicts that take place there later. Hate is a sight that drives people crazy. It is a situation where people fight and fall for no reason.

The film is set in a dark mood for the first time. The film begins with the mental struggles of the character Ibru (Roshan Mathew). The storytelling style changes in a way that keeps the audience on their toes for the first 15 minutes. At first, the audience does not understand what is going on, just like the people in the house. Gradually the intensity of the subject being dealt with is revealed.

The audience, like those in the house, will be in a state of uncontrollable helplessness at the events that take place later. Even when those householders choose the path that seems right to them with no other option, the audience will be confused as to where to stand. Or perhaps the viewer is in a position where they can not stand firm in that decision, even if they are biased. The film manages to entertain as the action and violence scenes intensify emotionally.

Kuruthi has maturely presented a very emotional and contemporary issue of communalism. This is a time when the over-readings of the resolution it deals with are controversial, rather than discussing the excellence of the films. There is no doubt that Kuruthi will also be discussed in the coming days. But no matter how the Iowa film and its scenes are interpreted, no one can doubt the ultimate message of the film.

All the characters in Kuruti generally have a gray shade. Mamukoya and Srinivasan were shocked when Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew and Murali Gopi handled their roles well. Both got different types of characters from previous movies. Actors like Nuslin, Shine Tom Chacko and Manikanchan Acharya also graced their parts.

Screenwriter Aneesh Palliyal presented the emotional resolution in a way that balances both sides. Through his first directorial venture, Manu Warrier was able to present that equality meticulously without missing a beat. The cinematography by Abhinandan Ramanujam and the music by Jacques Bijoy made the film even more brilliant.

Kuruthi is not just a thriller movie. Rather, it is a film that deals with a topic that is relevant to the times and subtly subject the community around us to postmortem. Therefore, we cannot turn a blind eye to the grave itself, but must see and know it.