Jayaram is an actor who should be born in Hollywood, says Manoj K. Jayan

It is often heard that actors in the film industry evaluate other actors. Have you ever wondered how much fun it would be to have an actor raise the bar beyond what other actors can say? Actor Manoj talks about his colleague actor Jayaram in a very different TV show about the great things that are so great. K. Jayan, Manoj is in an interesting part during the show. K. Jayan praised Jayaram.

‘Jayaram is not a person to be born in Perumbavoor. He is a person who should be born in Hollywood. His personality is that of a Hollywood actor. So they would have welcomed him with open arms. He is an actor who plays so many different roles right here. Could there be an actor in world cinema who has done so many vet roles? That is doubtful.

He is a leopard in classical music. He can do a better concert than Chenda Melam. Similarly, how many awards has he won in South India? Even if he was a Hollywood actor, the situation would not have been different. Jayaram will win the Oscars with the ease of picking flowers. Born in Perumbavoor, Jayaram did not miss Hollywood. Hollywood lost Jayaram. Jayaram is an extraordinary genius who has not only acted in films but also in all areas like story, screenplay, dialogue and directing. ‘