Byron Cole Serial Entrepreneur and Author all set to face new challenges of 2021.

Entrepreneur Byron Cole
Entrepreneur Byron Cole

Byron and his wife Bianca Miller-Cole have proved their mettle in the business world in the last decade or so. He has spent much of his time as a business consultant in initial stages, offering special mentoring and recruitment services. Now Byron is using all his life experience to help top heads around in the business world.
Byron is experienced in multiple streams property, sales, marketing, telecoms, retail, fashion, recruitment, employability & eCommerce, to name a few. Due to Byron’s hard work, his BLC won many awards too. With his experience and knowledge, he is transforming lives on the better side. Today he is a mentor of many business people who are running a successful business.

After all his business experience, he has become a renowned author. He is writing and publishing books for people who are not able to find their way in life. Today, He is also a renowned Author and worked with top publishers Hodder and Stoughton. “Self Made” books got good response worldwide. The book has become a no.1 bestseller and a second book will soon be on its way.

Byron is one of the entrepreneurs constantly exploring new opportunities & challenges. Pursuing opportunities, he has an interest in causes & the potential to prosper.In 2015 Byron was shortlisted for the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award at the National Diversity Awards (out of 20,000 nominations!). These awards aim to identify positive role models from grass-roots areas and encourage others in diverse communities across the UK.
Byron is an entrepreneur who is building the future by helping leaders grow wider, faster and stronger. He feels happy when entrepreneurs do well in life. So if you completed your graduation, then learn how to develop meaningful relationships with fellow students and staff as your network is your net worth. Your personal brand story starts today”.