Kerala Authorities On High Alert Following 2 Suspected Unnatural Deaths Linked To Nipah Virus

Following two mysterious deaths in Kozhikode district, the Kerala Health Department has issued a health alert, suspecting the presence of the Nipah virus infection. The health department released a statement confirming that a high level meeting had taken place, with State Health Minister Veena George leading the review of the situation. The concern arose after two individuals passed away under ‘unnatural’ circumstances at a private hospital, both having exhibited symptoms of fever. The health authorities highly suspect that these deaths may be linked to the Nipah virus. Additionally, a relative of one of the deceased individuals has been admitted to the ICU, intensifying concerns about the virus’s potential spread.

It is important to note that Kozhikode had previously witnessed the first Nipah virus outbreak in 2018, which was a cause for major concern. In 2021, a few isolated cases of Nipah virus infection also emerged in the same region. Given this history, health authorities are taking swift and proactive measures to prevent any potential outbreak and safeguard public health.”