17 Injured In Kalamassery Blast, Minister Veena George Provides Update

Health Minister Veena George has reported that 17 individuals are currently receiving medical treatment in various hospitals following the Kalamassery blast. Among those being treated, the condition of four patients is critical, with two of them requiring ventilator support. Additionally, the mother and brother of the deceased child are in serious condition, according to the minister’s statement to the media.Furthermore, a DNA test is planned for the woman who lost her life in the blast, and postmortems for all three deceased individuals are set to be conducted simultaneously. Preparations for these procedures are currently underway. The brother of the deceased child has suffered 60 percent burns, while the mother has sustained 50 percent burns. Minister Veena George also mentioned that the health condition of the other patients under treatment is not considered critical.

Meanwhile, the police have revealed that Dominic Martin, who surrendered in connection with the Kalamassery blast, assembled the explosive device at his residence in Tammanam, Kochi. In this house, there are two rooms, with Dominic Martin occupying one of them. It is presumed that the bomb was crafted in that specific room, while Dominic’s wife and daughter were sleeping in another.