Mask Mandate Implemented In Kozhikode Amid Concerns

In the wake of two suspicious deaths in Kozhikode district linked to fever, health authorities have implemented a mandatory mask requirement in the region. This precautionary measure is part of a broader health vigilance effort in response to ongoing Nipah virus concerns.

Health Minister has issued clear instructions to individuals visiting hospitals, emphasizing the need for caution during this critical period. She also assured that the results of saliva samples, which were sent to Pune for testing, would be available later today. Additionally, she stressed the importance of not spreading false information or fake news at this juncture.

Dr. KB Jitendra Kumar, a veterinary officer, has advised the public to avoid contact with bats and wild boars, as these animals are known carriers of the Nipah virus. These collective measures are aimed at preventing any potential outbreak and ensuring the safety of the community.”