Government Approves Rs6130 Salary Increase For Palliative Care Nurses

In a significant move by the Kerala government, palliative care nurses operating on a contract-daily-wages basis will see a substantial salary increase of Rs. 6130. This increment will elevate their current salary of Rs. 18,390 to Rs. 24,520, benefiting approximately 1200 dedicated palliative care nurses across the state. The decision has been warmly welcomed, aiming to improve the financial well-being of these essential healthcare professionals.

The implementation of this salary hike is a vital step towards recognizing the crucial role played by palliative care nurses in the healthcare system. With an estimated average of 300 inpatients per local institution, the condition set for the pay increase ensures that these inpatients receive services for a minimum of 20 days in a month. The approval for this salary raise was granted by the State Level Coordination Committee for Decentralized Planning, following the recommendation of Minister MB Rajesh. The Palliative Care Nurses Federation (CITU) actively engaged in discussions with the minister to address this important demand.

This move reflects the commitment of the Pinarayi government to uplift nurses who have been working tirelessly with meager salaries. Part of the larger ARDRAM MISSION II objective, the government aims to enhance the provision of complete palliative care throughout the state.Despite facing financial challenges, the LDF government remains steadfast in its dedication to prioritize welfare and development schemes, ensuring the state’s progress. Recent accomplishments, such as the successful arrival of the first ship at the Vizhinjam International Port, reaffirm the government’s commitment to its promises, including the salary hike for palliative care nurses and additional subsidies for rubber farmers.With a resolute approach, the Kerala state government remains focused on not succumbing to neglect, aiming to propel the state forward amidst challenging circumstances.