Introducing Jio Bharat B1: Jio’s Latest 4G Feature Phone

Jio has introduced the latest addition to its feature phone series, JioBharat, with the unveiling of the JioBharat B1. This 4G-enabled phone boasts a spacious screen and is part of Jio’s ongoing efforts to offer cost-effective feature phones. The company had previously launched two phones in the JioBharat series in July. The JioBharat B1 4G feature phone, now available on the Jio website, showcases a 2.4-inch display, an alphanumeric keypad, multi-lingual support, a 2000 mAh battery, and various other features.

While providing a modest upgrade in screen size and battery capacity compared to its predecessors, the JioBharat B1 is priced affordably at Rs 1299 and is offered exclusively in black. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon.Jio ensures an enriched user experience by preinstalling a range of their apps on the phone. Moreover, the Jio Bharat series emphasizes inclusivity by supporting 23 different languages to cater to a diverse audience.