Singing Knows No Language Bounds Embracing AI Innovation On Spotify And More


In an exciting development, Spotify is set to unveil a groundbreaking feature that utilizes AI technology to translate podcasts into various languages. Esteemed podcasters like Dax Shepard and Lex Friedman have already initiated voice translation experiments, as confirmed by company representatives. This innovation promises to elevate the listening experience to new heights.

Leveraging Microsoft’s Open AI, the translated versions will retain the distinctive voice and style of the original artists, providing listeners with a more characterful experience compared to traditional dubbing methods. Spotify believes this will enable global audiences to explore and savor new podcasts, fostering a deeper connection between listeners and presenters.The translated episodes of podcast shows are currently accessible in Spanish, French, and German, starting from Monday. Spotify intends to expand the language offerings based on user feedback, aiming to attract a wider audience to podcasts through this innovative voice translation feature.