Facebook Unveils New Feature Allowing Multiple Profiles Under A Single Account

Facebook has launched a new feature for those who like to keep their professional and personal lives separate The feature is unique in allowing users to create multiple personal profiles on the same platform. Within each profile, users can connect with different communities or people, and the feed will be customized accordingly. The social media giant under Meta launched the Multiple Personal Profile feature to help users experience more ‘freedom’ while interacting on Facebook. This feature helps users feel more ‘free’ while interacting with FB. But at launch, some features may not be available for additional profiles, the company said.

Meanwhile, the company also said that it will try to bring the Messenger feature soon. Features currently unavailable are dating, marketplace, professional mode, messenger, and payments.Some Facebook users create another profile to share comments and posts. Such people no longer need to create a second account. Four separate profiles can be created and used as desired through a single Facebook app. All profiles will work the same as the main profile. No need to log in again every time you select a profile.