Apple Prepares For A Plastic Free Future As It Initiates Phase Out Plan

Apple is about to become plastic-free. Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about this at the launch event of Apple iPhone 15. CEO Tim Cook has announced plans to phase out all plastic packaging by the end of 2024 and to make products carbon neutral.Aluminum, cobalt and gold will achieve a net zero climate impact by 2030 from recycled materials. But Apple’s decision is not to do this all at once. Tim Cook said not only does Apple want to reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral, but others should follow suit. Cook talks about this in an interview with CBS’s John Dickerson.

Cook revealed that Apple has invested in clean energy targets around the world, from Oregon to California and China and Singapore. He described Apple’s plan, known as carbon neutrality, to use clean energy and carbon capture for every bit of carbon emitted by Apple’s products. This commitment will cover everything from mining, manufacturing, shipping and recycling. He said that they aim to be an inspiration for change.Cupertino-based Apple has also announced plans to phase out plastic and leather products. Then the company introduced new cases in ‘Fine Woven’ material. It is made from recycled components. Another notable initiative is the use of recycled titanium in the new generation Apple Watch Ultra 2. The watch contains over 95 percent recycled titanium.