Women Empowerment Rajiv Gandhi’s Dream; Sonia Gandhi Supports The Women’s Reservation Bill

Sonia Gandhi said that women empowerment was the dream of Rajiv Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was an example of women empowerment. Reservation should have been introduced for OBC women too. OBCs also want equal representation. The bill should be passed as soon as possible. Sonia Gandhi also said that the delay in the implementation of the bill is injustice to women. Sonia Gandhi added that caste sensev should not be delayed either.The Women’s Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha yesterday. The Bill was introduced by Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal. The reserved seats will be reassigned on the basis of constituency re-delineation. One-third of the scheduled seats will be reserved for women. At the same time, the new Parliament building was inaugurated, marking a new chapter in the history of Indian democracy. After the joint meeting held in the central hall of the old Parliament building, the MPs, led by the Prime Minister, reached the new building on foot.

At the same time, BSP leader Mayawati said that special reservation should be made for backward SC and ST sections in the Women’s Reservation Bill being implemented in the Parliament. Mayawati also stated that she supports the bill. Mayawati also said that the government should consider introducing 50% reservation in legislatures and Lok Sabha instead of 33.