Chandi Oommen Inaugurates MLA Office In Puthupally After A Year Gap

Chandy Oommen, a prominent MLA, has recently taken a significant step by inaugurating a much-needed MLA office in Puthupally. This office, now situated at Chalungalpadi along the Puthupally – Karukachal road, aims to quell longstanding political allegations of an absence of a proper MLA office in the area. In a bid to better serve the community and enhance accessibility, Chandy Oommen MLA has chosen to reside in the newly rented building, utilizing it both as a residence and an office space. This strategic move marks the return of MLA office operations to Puthupally after an astonishing half-century gap.

The decision to set up in this newly rented and comfortable space was fueled by the desire to facilitate meaningful interactions with constituents. Previously, Oommen Chandy would meet with the public at Karutuvallakala’s family home, but now, this purpose-built office promises to be a more suitable and convenient location for such engagements. The local community eagerly anticipates the positive impact of this development on their representation and political engagement.