The Saudi Woman’s Private Account Regarding The Harassment Complaint Involving The Mallu Traveler Is Scheduled To Be Documented This Coming Saturday

The Saudi woman’s confidential statement will be recorded on Saturday in the harassment complaint against vlogger Mallu Traveler. The Saudi woman will give her statement before the Ernakulam Judicial Magistrate. They are currently undergoing treatment in Bengaluru. The police informed that both were in the same tower location on the day mentioned in the complaint. The police have also collected the CCTV footage of the hotel in Kochi.Vlogger and YouTuber Shakir Subhan has been ordered by the police to appear for questioning on the complaint that he sexually assaulted a Saudi woman in a hotel. Ernakulam Central Police has instructed Shakir who is abroad to appear as soon as he returns home.

The Saudi woman complained that she was invited to the hotel for an interview and tried to torture her. The incident happened a week ago. The complaint was filed on Friday. Mallu Traveler invited them to a hotel in Ernakulam for an interview. The complaint says that when they reached the hotel, they behaved rudely and tried to molest them.