Vlogger Mallu Traveler Appears At Police Station In Sexual Assault Case

In a case filed by a Saudi woman, vlogger Shakir Suban, known as Mallu Traveler, has presented himself at the Central Police Station. Earlier, the court had granted him bail in this matter. Following his release, Shakir Suban returned to Kochi and declared his innocence, affirming his intent to address the case through legal channels.He expressed hope for a just resolution, acknowledging that the outcome rests in the hands of the court. Shakir Suban announced his willingness to cooperate with the police and court, including surrendering his passport as required.

The case revolves around allegations made by a Saudi woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by the YouTuber, who had invited her to a private hotel in Kochi under the guise of an interview. The woman promptly filed a complaint with the Ernakulam Central Police and provided a confidential statement before a Magistrate.On the 18th of the previous month, the Ernakulam Central Police registered a case under non-bailable sections. The High Court subsequently granted interim bail to Shakir Suban, subject to specific conditions. These conditions include producing his passport before the Magistrate Court upon his return from abroad, remaining within the state, and cooperating with the investigating officer.