First Glimpse Berth Layout Revealed For Sleeper Class In Vande Bharat Express

India’s Vande Bharat Express, a shining symbol of the nation’s railway advancements, is on the verge of a significant transformation. The Ministry of Railways is making determined efforts to introduce this high-speed marvel across all states, responding to persistent appeals from Members of Parliament. Currently, the train offers a chair car arrangement, limiting travel to sitting positions and shorter distances. However, the railway is set to extend the Vande Bharat experience to cover longer journeys with the introduction of a sleeper version.

A glimpse into the upcoming sleeper class reveals a shift towards greater passenger comfort. Social media is buzzing with images showcasing the anticipated design, featuring a total of 857 berths in the first iteration. Among these, 34 berths are allocated for railway staff, leaving 823 berths for passengers. The layout and design have been meticulously finalized, promising a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Experts predict that the inaugural sleeper Vande Bharat train is slated to roll out from the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai by March of the coming year. With this development, Vande Bharat Express is poised to redefine rail travel, offering a blend of speed, comfort, and convenience for longer journeys.”