Jayaram Says His Favourit Ladysuperstar in Malayalam Films

Urvashi, the renowned actress, holds a special place in the hearts of Malayali audiences. Known for her versatile acting skills, she effortlessly portrays both comedic and emotional characters. While the title of “Lady Superstar” is often attributed to Manju Warrier, Urvashi’s name resonates unanimously among movie-lovers. Many argue that she is the greatest Lady Superstar that Malayalam cinema has ever witnessed.

Urvashi’s acting is often compared to the natural and effortless performances of Mohanlal. Director Sathyan Anthikad once stated that both Urvashi and Mohanlal approach their roles with equal sincerity and dedication. Sathyan Anthikad added, “There is no need to describe Urvashi as Lady Mohanlal. They have their own unique styles. We don’t call Mohanlal a male Urvashi. Urvashi has her own personality, and Mohanlal has his.”

Among the new generation heroines, Urvashi remains a favorite for many. Navya Nair, Anushree, and Rachana Narayanan Kutty have openly expressed their admiration for Urvashi in various interviews. Recently, actor Jayaram’s statement about Urvashi has been garnering attention.

During his appearance as a guest on Kairali TV’s JB Junction, Jayaram revealed his affection for Urvashi. When asked by host Brittas about his favorite actress among Shobhana, Urvashi, Parvathy, Manju Warrier, and Samyukta, Jayaram’s immediate response was, “Urvashi herself, that’s a birth.” He further mentioned that he has had the opportunity to work with Urvashi in numerous films over a span of 25 years. Notably, they have also portrayed the roles of husband and wife in some Tamil films, in addition to their collaborations in Malayalam cinema.

Jayaram and Urvashi have shared the screen in several blockbuster films, including “Malootty,” “Katinjool Kalyanam,” “Ponmutaythunna Thaarao,” “Mazhavil Kavadi,” “Thalayanamantram,” “Madhu Chandralekha,” “Puttam Pudhu Kalai,” “Mukha Chitra,” “Varthamanakalam,” “Chakkikakotta Shankaran,” “Vaylagam,” “Namana Pannavan Srinivasan,” “Rishon,” “Tuval Sparsham,” and many more.

Urvashi’s charisma, talent, and contribution to Malayalam cinema have established her as a beloved and respected figure in the industry, with fans eagerly awaiting her every performance.