The Mysterious Reason Behind The Delay In Voice Of Sathyanathan Update Revealed

The Voice Of Sathyanathan is Dileep’s upcoming film. Rafi is directing the film, which has an emphasis on comedy. Along with Dileep, Joju George, Anupam Kher, Makarand Deshpande, Alencier Lopez, Jagapathi Babu, and other big stars are lined up in the film. Now, the makers of the film have come up with an explanation for the audience’s question as to why the new updates of the film are getting delayed.

Hello everyone, It is known that everyone is waiting for the update of the Voice Of Sathyanathan movie for several days. I get many messages and calls daily asking what is the Voice Of Sathyanathan. Apologies to everyone for the late update. Now I am making a post like this to give an update. Coming after 3 years, Voice Of Sathyanathan is hitting the theaters as a Dileep film that can delight the old and new generations alike. Due to a lot of post-production work and CG work, it is not possible to announce the exact date. Of course, in the next ten days, Voice Of Sathyanathan will be the first copy and then its updates will be confirmed and the details like sensor, teaser, song, trailer, release date, etc. will be informed to you and the audience. And we will do all kinds of promotion in a good way and bring this movie in front of you. Hoping for full support from the audience.

with love

Badusha NM
Shinoy Mathew
Rajan Chirail