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Thrishanku Movie Box Office Collection Report, Review, And Rating

Thrishanku Movie Review

In the film “Trishanku,” the love story between Sethu, a job seeker waiting for the results of a bank test, and Megha, the daughter of SP, takes an unexpected turn when Sethu’s nurse sister decides to elope before them. This sudden twist throws both Sethu and Megha into a state of confusion and uncertainty. If we observe the expression on Arjun Ashokan’s face as Sethu, we can get a glimpse into his state of mind. Sethu, already burdened with the anticipation of his own elopement, finds himself caught off guard by his sister’s decision to run away first. This unforeseen development leaves him feeling bewildered as if he’s a turtle suddenly thrust into a chaotic situation. He is torn between his responsibilities towards his sister and his love for Megha, and this internal conflict is reflected in his expression. As the events unfold, Sethu’s perception becomes clouded by the emotional whirlwind surrounding him. The sight of his father attempting to jump into a well, his mother desperately trying to hold him back, and his uncle feigning a jump into the well all seem like mere illusions to Sethu. His mind is consumed by the weight of his own dilemmas, and everything else appears distorted and surreal.

Arjun Ashokan portrayal of Sethu captures the complex emotional journey of a lover caught in a web of unexpected circumstances. Through his expressions, we witness the turmoil, confusion, and mental exhaustion Sethu experiences as he navigates through this challenging situation. Arjun Ashokan’s Sethu embodies the character of Sukumaran, a desperate jobless individual willing to do anything to improve his circumstances and marry his girlfriend. On the other hand, Anna Ben’s Megha is a strong-willed and intelligent girl, inheriting her father SP’s courage and intellect. She represents the modern woman who is practical, intelligent, and capable of rising to any challenge. The story unfolds as Sethu, hailing from a village near Kayamkulam, undergoes a smooth transition to life in Mangalore. This shift presents a condensed version of the city’s lifestyle, offering a fresh perspective to the audience by moving away from the typical portrayal of Bengaluru, which is commonly associated with Malayalam cinema.

Thrishanku Movie Boxoffice Collection

Days Thrishanku Movie Box Office Collection
Day 1₹ 0.15 Cr
Day 2₹ 1 Cr
Day 3₹ 0.13 Cr

Thrishanku Movie Full Cast And Crew

Thrishanku MovieCast, Crew & Details
DirectorAchyuth Vinayak
ProducerGayatri M
StarsArjun Ashokan
ActressZarin Shihab
Release DateMay 26, 2023
Runtime2 hours 4 minutes
CinematographyJayesh Mohan
MusicJay Unnithan

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