The Art of Business in Entertainment: A lesson for aspiring and established artists

Artists need to develop a strong business acumen to achieve overall success through their
work in the highly saturated entertainment industry.

No matter how much we speak about a few professionals pushing boundaries and ensuring
they challenge the status quo, there is a need to hold more discussions around them and
their journeys for the world to know their genius. Of course, passion, resilience,
commitment, and determination are essential factors, but a few renowned artists in the
industry can’t emphasize enough the importance of developing entrepreneurial ability in the entertainment world.

To achieve overall success in an industry that requires stringent demands out of artists,
commercial work is more logical than it is creative. To be able to produce original work by
putting out an original perspectives, it is essential to also focus on having a broad mindset
and a business acumen that can help artists stay afloat for long in the industry and imbibe in them more access to other like-minded artists and people who appreciate a unique voice in the locality.

Notable actor, dancer, singer, playwright, and multimedia artist of the theater, Janya Govani, currently working in the United States but originally from Rajkot, mentions how the
competitive nature of the entertainment world has led artists who have something else to
say to hone their business skills as well.

“Understanding the business side of the entertainment industry helps me effectively market
themselves as brands, manage their finances, and build a sustainable career. Artists must
learn skills like branding, networking, and financial management to achieve more success in the industry,” she highlights.

The artist who wrote and performed stage shows like Subject and Convenience, acted in
shows like Aap Toh Aap Hai, Fabulation and Convenience has also focused on managing the
business aspects of her diverse artistic pursuits. Convenience was her first project that she produced to its entirety.

To be able to achieve the originality in her work as she so desired, she chose to be part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2024, full of over 400 shows consisting of self producing theatre artists. This led her to create a stage with all original artwork, and a fully experimental original script about balancing reality with psychosis.
The audience was enthralled. The rave about this show showed that people connect to her
voice. Megan Francisco, a fellow artist participating in the Fringe mentioned, ‘This show was
the most aesthetic and thought-provoking one-person show I’ve seen in this season of
Fringe so far. That being said, this artful piece shared many words that are noteworthy and
call attention to the state of being perceived, confronting contradictions, and dealing with
inner demons.’

Sam Hendrian, a poet and experimental multimedia artist wrote about the show, ‘Wow, this
show is such a breath of fresh air. “Convenience” is a true work of art that demands multiple viewings to fully take in its multilayered meanings. Janya is both a witty writer and a profoundly entertaining performer, and the way she wryly engages with the audience makes for a wonderfully enjoyable evening at the theatre.’

One of the anonymous reviewers noted, ‘What an incredible experience! We were utterly
immersed in the author’s mind, exploring the complexities of self-perception, the world, and one’s position within it. It was a fascinating myriad of introspective and insightful musings.

Intimate and intelligent, the performance generously revealed thoughts, fears, feelings,
darkest corners, and brightest hopes. Truly outstanding!’
Today, her ability of creating her personal brand, networking, and managing her projects
demonstrates her comprehensive approach to her career. Talking about branding and
networking, she mentions, “Creating and spreading your own work makes people
understand the voice you really have.”

She says managing finances is equally important to reaching greater heights in one’s artistic career. Artists need to adopt a strategic approach to financialmanagement,ensuring  that they can pursue their artistic passions while maintaining financial stability. This includes investments in their craft, budgeting, and making informed financial decisions.
Artists, therefore, must gain more valuable insights, strengthen their business acumen, and navigate thebusiness side of entertainment to turn their “great” into “greater”.