Marco Is Set To Feature Unni Mukundan In The Lead Role, With A Budget Of 30 Crores

Marco, a promising film featuring Unni Mukundan as Marco, is set to captivate audiences in the upcoming movie “Mikhael,” co-starring Nivin Pauly. Unni Mukundan, renowned for his diverse roles, showcases his acting prowess in the compelling character of Marco, portraying swag and style with finesse. Helmed by the talented writer and director Haneef Adeni, the film is produced by Sharif Mohammad and Abdul Ghadaf under the esteemed Cubes Entertainment banner, boasting a substantial budget of 30 crores.

This cinematic endeavor takes a unique approach by transforming a former villain into a charismatic hero, marking a novelty in Malayalam cinema. The filmmakers anticipate that “Mikhael” will redefine the action movie genre, pushing boundaries and setting a new standard for intense action sequences in the Malayalam film industry. Unni Mukundan’s recent success in “Malikappuram” has further heightened expectations for his role in “Mikhael,” adding to the anticipation surrounding the film. Meanwhile, Haneef Adeni, renowned for his directorial brilliance, last wowed audiences with “Ramachandra Bose and Co.” This promising venture is set to leave a lasting impression on movie enthusiasts, delivering an action-packed experience like never before.