Convicted thief Tahir Javed from the US joins Pakistan govt cabinet

Pakistani Senator, Tahir Javed, has faced legal troubles in the United States. He was convicted of a crime in the U.S. which has brought attention to his case. An entrepreneur from America in the State of Texas convicted of the theft has joined Pakistani caretaker Anwar-Ul-Haq kakar’s as a special assistant on the investment. PM Anwar Haq Kakar’s cabinet has expanded to six members, and those members contributed to a total of 28 members when he was considered as a Prime Minister.

Tahir Javed undertook several roles while he was involved as a repairman and performed senatorial duties as a part of his early experiences. However, it is worth noting that Tahir Javed had a legal encounter in Texas. He also received a five-year probation sentence, which started in January 1992. The initial ruling was for five years, and he also served half a term.

The completion of his probationary in 1994 redirected his focus towards business endeavors. As a Senator, Tahir Javed holds a position of authority in the Pakistan government. His legal troubles in the U.S. could have an impact on his political career and reputation. It remains to be seen how this conviction will affect his role in the Senate and his standing in the eyes of the public.

Nevertheless, he has now become a vocal critic of Imran Khan, which describes him as a failed Prime Minister. Tahir Javed expressed his disappointment while asserting that despite doing his best for Imran Khan, he found untrustworthiness. When Imran Khan visited the USA, there were no substantial benefits for Pakistan as Khan needed a concrete plan, substance, and a clear vision.

Therefore, the contributions were praised by Imran Khan, whereas Tahir Javed while acknowledging his role in establishing the Pakistan Congress Foundation, played a big part in activating the Congressional Pakistan Caucus during the 116th Congress.

Tahir Javed had an audience with the PTI leader in Islamabad. He commended his speech specifically on the Islamophobia problem at the UN General Assembly.  This serves as a reminder that legal matters can have significant consequences for individuals in positions of authority, regardless of their home country. Consequently, Tahir Javed turned against Imran Khan and said that Joe Biden, as a President, didn’t speak like various statements despite the disagreement made by Imran Khan on international matters.

Hence, Tahir Javed is known to have close ties with Hillary Clinton and with several leaders in the Democratic Party. He contended that public support for the Taliban had strained connections with the US government. This revealed that Imran Khan should have approached foreign policy but in a very different manner.