Distance mode will not be valid for PhD, know what is the rule of UGC

Distance mode will not be valid for PhD, know what is the rule of UGC
Distance mode will not be valid for PhD, know what is the rule of UGC

My post graduation is in psychology and now I want to do PhD. Will it be okay to do PhD through distance education from a private deemed university? In response to this question, career counselor Ashish Adarsh ​​has said that according to the rules of University Grants Commission (UGC), PhD cannot be run through distance education in India and any such course run by any private or government university of the country is illegal and has no recognition. Many foreign universities also give honorary PhD in exchange for money, which has no recognition or importance in India. Therefore, my advice is that such temptations should be avoided.

Under the new system, you will no longer have to appear for multiple entrance exams in different universities as you did earlier. For admission to PhD, you will now have to appear for only one UGC NET exam and on the basis of your score in that exam, you can register for PhD in any university in the country.

I am from a small village and somehow I have studied till matriculation. Can I join the army after matriculation? – Sanjay Rathod
Counselling’s answer – After matriculation, the Indian Army recruits on the following posts:
Army Postal Service: If you are matriculated and your age limit is within 45 years, then apply for Army Postal Service i.e. APS. For this, notification is issued every year around September for recruitment to the available posts.

Army Medical Corps (Non-Technical): Recruitment for Army Medical Centres is done in the month of October and candidates who are at least Matriculate and whose maximum age limit is 42 years can apply.

Permanent Commission (Special List): After joining this post, you can also become an officer later on, because this is a permanent commission appointment. Candidates who are at least matriculate and whose maximum age limit is 42 can join this.

Special Commissioned Officer: If you have done a one-year diploma course after matriculation and your age is between 30 and 35 years, then get ready for this appointment. For detailed information on all appointments, visit the website joinindianarmy.nic.in