Make way for Janak Panchal: Raring to reach the top of the entertainment film with his cinematography prowess.

The aspiring filmmaker showcases immense potential to create waves of positive change in the world of cinema.

There are two sets of professionals in the world. One set includes those who only like running behind their personal goals, while the other set consists of those who look at the larger picture and ensure to put in rigorous efforts to add more value to the lives of others through the work they do. Belonging to the latter category is one youngster from Mumbai who has been making positive waves through his artistic excellence as a cinematographer and colorist in the entertainment world; we are talking about Janak Panchal, who has done projects in India and internationally.

Janak Panchal’s journey, a testament to his unwavering dedication, began in the vibrant city of Mumbai. Captivated by the city’s energy, he developed a profound love for visual storytelling, embarking on his path at the tender age of 14 with photography. His passion for filmmaking blossomed at 17, and he was determined to fortify it with a solid academic foundation. This led him to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking, specializing in Cinematography from Whistling Woods International, followed by a one-year Conservatory in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy, and advanced training in Dolby Vision and DaVinci Resolve.

The youngster, who has already proved his mettle as a colorist, photographer, and cinematographer with a work portfolio that boasts of acclaimed work in short films, YouTube collaborations, and music videos, now eyes to make it big even as a filmmaker in the coming years. He firmly believes that youngsters who aspire to succeed as filmmakers or artists must first focus on strengthening their knowledge and gaining the proper education.

Janak Panchal believes that by strengthening their knowledge and gaining the right education, aspiring filmmakers and artists can gain the confidence to pursue their dreams. He envisions this as a catalyst for their career growth, leading to the creation of impactful cinema and artistic projects that inspire others on their own journeys.

Janak Panchal, with his impressive portfolio including projects like Bageecha and Kryptonite, works on popular YouTube channels “Enes Yilmazer” and “Enes Plus” with Enes Yilmazer, music videos with Apporv Arora Films and Raja Kumari, and collaborations with renowned figures, is driven by a vision. He is passionate about creating more impactful and inspiring content and projects.

He emphasizes (@janakpanchal_), “The entertainment industry today needs a fresh wave of young talents as cinematographers and filmmakers. They can bring their unique, modern-day ideas to the table and transform those visions into relatable content and cinema that resonates with the younger audience worldwide.”