Leo Movie Review

Leo is a Indian Tamil movie directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj. Lokesh also got good recognition in Telugu with blockbusters like ‘Khaidi’ and ‘Vikram’. That’s why there were huge expectations on ‘Leo’ from the beginning.

Leo Movie Review

In addition to that, the recently released trailer has created hype for the film. Today (October 19) this film has come before the audience amid huge expectations. The first-day first show has already dropped in many places besides overseas. With this, the audience who have seen the movie are giving their opinion on social media platforms.

How is the movie ‘Leo’? To what extent did Vijay please? Other matters are being discussed on the platform of Twitter (X). See that. This is just the opinion of the audience. ‘Sakshi’ is not responsible for the matters mentioned herein. Leo is getting a good response on Twitter. It is said that Lokesh’s making is over. Netizens are commenting that Vijay’s account has got another hit. Like Lokesh Kanagaraj’s previous films, Leo is said to be stylish overall, which seems stretched at some places. But some people are commenting that actors like Sanjay Dutt and Arjun could not be used properly.

Leo Official Trailer

source: Sun TV