Bigg Boss S 17: Is Ankita Really Pregnant Or It’s a Strategy? Jigna Vora Says

“When every season of Bigg Boss is aired, the show takes a new turn with Salman Khan as the host. The 17th season of the Hindi Bigg Boss is currently ongoing with actor Ankita Lokhande participating. Recently, there were rumors circulating in the show about actress Ankita Lokhande being pregnant. This matter gained significant attention, and discussions even took place inside the house.

Not only did the show address the pregnancy rumors about Ankita, but it also conducted a pregnancy test for her. The actress herself spoke about this issue in front of the camera. This revelation about the pregnancy added a new layer of discussion among the viewers. Before entering Bigg Boss, all contestants, including Ankita, undergo various medical tests. It has been suggested that Ankita’s pregnancy is indeed a topic of discussion in the show.

Jigna Vora, the next evicted contestant, shared her perspective on this matter. She expressed her respect for Ankita and the way she handled the situation. According to Jigna, the topic of pregnancy and the discussion around it is a common theme in Hindi movies. However, she emphasized that it is not necessary for a woman to desire a child during pregnancy, and the portrayal of such desires in movies is often unrealistic.

Jigna mentioned that before entering Bigg Boss, all contestants, including her, underwent several blood tests. She suspects that Ankita’s pregnancy discussion could be a strategy, considering it occurred right after her eviction. She believes that the show’s makers might have planned it to create a buzz. Jigna stated that she thinks Ankita’s pregnancy might be a gimmick and expressed her skepticism about the authenticity of the news.

Jigna also revealed that she had conversations with Ankita and Vikki, Ankita’s husband, about their relationship. According to Jigna, Ankita and Vikki, like any other couple, face difficulties, and their relationship was not as harmonious as it appeared on the show. She mentioned that discussing the personal matters of contestants after their exit from the show is a common practice, and Ankita’s situation is not unique.

The difficulties faced by Ankita and Vikki are part of their personal life, and Jigna feels that it’s a challenge to be part of such discussions. She acknowledged that participating in Bigg Boss exposed her to scrutiny and discussions about her own personal life.

In conclusion, Jigna Vora shared her observations and opinions on Ankita Lokhande’s pregnancy rumors, questioning the authenticity of the news and suggesting that it might be a strategic move by the show’s makers.”