Bigg Boss Season 3 shooting has stopped


The reality show Bigg Boss Season 3 has stopped shooting. The action was taken on the instructions of the Tamil Nadu Health Department in the Kovid case. Bigg Boss is the most popular reality show in Malayalam. Nobby, Dimpal, Kitilam Firoz, Manikuttan, Majsia Bhanu, Surya J Menon, Lakshmi Jayan, Sai Vishnu, Anoop Krishnan, Adoni T John, Ramzan Mohammad, Ritu Mantra, Sandhya Manoj, and Bhagyalakshmi were the early contestants in Bigg Boss. Feroz-Sajjana couple, Michelle and Ramya Panikkar came as a wild entry.

Firoz and Sajjana were expelled for breaking the rules of Bigg Boss. Kitilan Firoz, Ritu Mantra, Sai Vishnu, Ramzan, Manikuttan, Nobby, Dimple, and Anoop Krishnan were the last to appear in Bigg Boss. Asianet has announced that it is suspending Lockdown due to Kovid’s expansion and will resume broadcasting of Bigg Boss as soon as the crisis subsides.