Bigg Boss has been called before; Gayatri Suresh said but she could not participate

Bigg Boss is a reality show known all over India. Bigg Boss has created a huge wave in South India as well. No matter how many controversies surround the Bigg Boss show, the show has a lot of fans and the Bigg Boss show has become a big wave in Kerala too. The sixth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam, hosted by superstar Mohanlal, is about to begin. It is said that the show may start from February. The program’s logo and promo videos are already out. Along with that, the prediction list of contestants who are likely to enter Bigg Boss has also come out. One of the names that keeps coming up every year is that of actress Gayatri Suresh. But could not go.
Gayatri now says that she too has no interest in going to Bigg Boss. He was invited to most of the previous five seasons. But the actress says that she did not want to go that day. Gayatri also talked about Bigg Boss while speaking in an interview given to an online media in Malayalam. Bigg Boss is my favorite show. This is also a show that is discussed the most by my mother and Kalyani. I like the contestants like actress Pearli, Ranjini Haridas, Kitilam Feroze, Dilsha, Akhil, Robin, Sabu Chetan, Ritu Blasley, Riyaz who said that she likes them personally. I was called for most of the previous seasons. Even if you think you want to go, you will put it off for the next entry. Can’t help but go sometime. The reason why it feels wrong to leave now is because of the movie.

I feel that I can make a film rather than going on it for three months. Gayatri says that she is not going to Bigg Boss because she is acting more now. There is no fear of being trolled for going to that show. Do what we do well. The rest will have their own views. If I think like that, I think everything is easy. Gayatri also said who she would like to see in the sixth season of Bigg Boss. I want Ashwant Coke, Glammy Ganga, Shine Tom Chacko, Shane Neegam and Sreenath Bhasi to come on Bigg Boss. I think if they all come in it will make good content. Bigg Boss is based on content. Gayatri says that these people can provide the best content. As Gayathri has commented on Bigg Boss, there is a question whether the actress will come to the new season. There are comments that the actress will be in the forefront in terms of content creation and Gayatri should come because she likes Bigg Boss.