Sculpting acting is just that! Learned a lot! Kalyani Priyadarshan share her experience with shobhana

Kalyani Priyadarshan is making her debut in Malayalam through the movie Veran Needham. Directed by Anoop Sathyan, the movie is getting a huge boost. The star daughter is now sharing her experience with the film. In an interview to The Times of India, Kalyani shared the highlights. Kalyani plays Nikki in the movie. Kalyani also shared her happiness with acting in the film about mother-daughter relationship.

Karthumbi, the character of Shobhana in The Movie ‘Thenmaavin kompathu’, is very much a part of it. He is a huge fan of them. He grew up watching them. The film offers an opportunity to look at acting and acting as a fan girl. There was a retake on the first day. The scene was looking at the monitor for Continuity. He knows what he has done and he has worked all this time with no monitors. And they said, ‘If you want, look.’

Kalyani says she is unable to do so. They only work in those moments between the action and the cut. The experience with Suresh Gopi was also interesting. He speaks well. He is very much like his mother. He used to talk about the fun he had when working with his mother. Kalyani says she has never heard of such stories.