How to play Rajni’s Darbar?

C. MR. Murugadoss Rajini kanth police officer who has acted as Durbar film rilisakiyullatu today. Rajini fans are flocking to theaters to watch the movie Durbar, which has been released as a Pongal special.Some of those fans have gotten tickets to all the shows today. You can’t shake Rajini till you have everything. Simbu Dharbar,

Darbar Live Movie Updates
an avid fan of Rajini, has seen the film from the first day of the movie. Simbu came out after watching the film and asked how the Darbar was. To which he replied in a similar word to Super Ma. Rajini fans say that Simbu has said a word even though Simbu has said a word. Durbar’s film has received mixed reviews. Murugadoss has driven the story of Vee with Rajini. There has been criticism that the buildup given is nothing great.