Prithiraj Is Hitting The Counter On The Spot

Swasika is an actress who is loved by Malayalees a lot. After winning the hearts of Malayalees through serials, the actress is finally shining in the cinema. Even after being in the cinema for almost ten years, the actress got a remarkable role. Swastika has been able to share the screen with all the leading stars including Mohanlal and Prithviraj. In an interview given to the YouTube channel Matini Live, Swasika talked about the question she wants to ask all of them. That is now going viral.

When the anchor asked what question to ask Mohanlal, the actor replied, Lalettan has some spiritual qualities. Even in the midst of a large crowd he can meditate. First of all, I will ask how such a skill was made. It is the same question for Mammootty. Mammootty is a person who loves the camera very much. What if there is one person, place, or something of a different beauty that Mammooka has ever captured on camera? If it is any person or place he will find something to say. There must be a reason for it to click. It will ask.

At the same time, the actor said that this is how he asks Prithviraj, and he has a fear of asking Prithviraj. Swasika says the counter will be on the spot soon. I didn’t plan to ask anything. And there is a question. It’s not an unasked question. Everyone is asking. And as an artist, I also have a question. How can you speak in front of people with such shyness? I have often felt that the person has a terrible temper. He is a nature without fear of anything. The anchor asked about something else. This was about Kunchako Boban. A beautiful dancer is sleeping inside the chakochan.