Mammootty Kampany Is Preparing To Change Its Logo After The Allegation

Mammootty, the manufacturing Kampany owned by Mammootty, is changing the logo of the Kampany. The decision came after the allegation of logo copying. The information was communicated through the official Facebook page of Mammootty Kampany. The manufacturing company announced on its official Facebook page that its logo will undergo a rebranding and thanked those who pointed out the lack of vigilance.

Josmon Vazhayil pointed out the authenticity of the logo through Cinema Group. In 2021 Dr. It was discovered that the same design was also on the cover of the book Mangi Yum Talaum Chila Cinema Kashchakal written by Sangeeta Chenampulli. The films produced by Mammootty’s company are Rorsharch and Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkum . Kathal is the next film that is getting ready for release. Kannur Squad is the new film produced by Mammootty’s Kampany.