A politician, A Businessman, A Producer… He Played Many Roles In Life

Innocent was born on February 28, 1948, as the fifth of eight children of Theketala Wareeth and Margalitha couple in Iringalakuda, Thrissur district. She was educated at Littleflower Convent High School, National High School, and Don Bosco SNH School. Completed studies in 8th class. Then he became a trader for some time.

Later, he did many jobs such as a match company owner, a tanner, a volleyball coach, and a bicycle salesman selling combs, soaps, and mirrors. Meanwhile, he acted in plays. He has also worked as Thrissur District Secretary of RSP. In 1979, he was elected as a councilor in Iringalakuda Municipality. In 1972, Innocent’s first film was “Nrithashala” directed by AB Raj. Later, he started Shatru Combines, a film production company with David Kachapalli. Ilakamanal, Before Goodbye, Lekha’s Death A Flash Back, A Story A Lie, and Orma Kailayi were produced.