Marivillin Gopurangal Malayalam Movie Review

Marivillin Gopurangal malayalam movie review
Marivillin Gopurangal malayalam movie review

Marivillin Gopurangal is a Malayalam-language drama film directed by Arun Bose. Arun Bose and Pramod Mohan wrote the story. It stars Indrajith Sukumaran, Shruti Ramachandran, Sarjano Khalid and Vincy Aloshious. It was theatrically released on 10 May 2024.


Today saw the release of the Malayalam film Marivillin Gopurangal, starring Indrajith Sukumaran, in theatres. Arun Bose is the director of the film. In the meantime, the movie’s reviews are now available. According to the crowd, the film is a great family entertainment package. The crowd is applauding Indrjith Sukumaran’s outstanding performance.

Viewers developed distinct fan bases for the movie because of the songs and BGM. In the film, Sarjano and Vincy’s performances are also emphasized.The film’s producers had previously declared that it would premiere in theatres on February 12. But later on, April 12 was added to the original date. The filmmaker and Pramod Mohan have created the story for the movie, which falls under the family entertainment genre.


source: Muzik247