Ullozhukku Malayalam Movie Review

Ullozhukku movie review
Ullozhukku movie review

Ullozhukku is a Malayalam drama film by Christo Tomy. The film stars Urvashi and Parvathy Thiruvothu in lead roles, with Arjun Radhakrishnan, Alancier Ley Lopez, and Jaya Kurup appearing in supporting roles.

Ullozhukku Review

Urvashi and Parvathy, have shocked the film world many times with their acting, nationally award-winning screenplay, and the first feature film of the director of the internationally acclaimed documentary ‘Curry & Cyanide’. Since the announcement, moviegoers have eagerly awaited Christo Tomi’s ‘Ullozhuk’. This film gives the audience a thrilling and soul-stirring movie experience beyond expectations.

The film revolves around the unexpected events in a family in Kuttanad. The film’s journey is through the characters of Anju and Leelamma. Parvathy Thiruvoth plays Anju while Urvashi plays Anju’s mother-in-law Leelamma. Prashant Murali plays Anju’s husband Thomas. The film also stars Alencier, Arjun Radhakrishnan and Jaya Kurup. Anju comes to Leelamma’s family after an unwilling marriage. The film, which tells the story through the character’s mentality, is starting to move in a different direction very quickly. Leelamma sees Anju as her daughter, who lives with a burning heart. But time is turning into a turbulent river between the two.

An unexpected death in the family creates distance and strife between the two, which then drives the film forward. The film tells that right and wrong are in the views of every human being. Notably, the film does not attempt to glorify or justify what the characters do or say. After the movie starts, it is the world of Anju and Leelamma. The director can convey the excitement of the characters to the audience in each scene.

Background music by Sushin Shyam is the soul of the film. The presence of Sushin Shyam who thrills the audience at different levels in each film is also an asset to this film. The music of the film flows along with the film. The background music that goes along with the mood of each stage of the movie is a crucial influence in making the audience closer to the characters. Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography also deserves appreciation.

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