Lionel Messi, Having Registere As An Assistant Coach, Was Sidelined From Playing Against Bolivia Due To An Injury

Lionel Messi was notably absent from yesterday’s World Cup qualifying match against Bolivia due to an injury. However, he displayed his commitment to the team by registering as a co-coach, allowing him to remain actively involved despite his physical limitations. Messi assumed a role on the bench as a co-coach during the World Cup qualifiers. FIFA stipulates that if a player is not on the field, they must be in the dugout as part of the coaching staff. Recognizing this requirement, Messi submitted the necessary paperwork to FIFA, officially designating himself as a co-coach and obtaining the necessary clearance. In the match, Argentina secured a resounding victory over Bolivia, triumphing with a three-goal lead.

In the prior game against Ecuador, Messi had returned to action without completing the full duration of play. Messi candidly acknowledged that such circumstances were not unfamiliar to him. Consequently, Coach Lionel Scaloni made the decision to exclude Messi from the playing roster, taking into consideration his physical condition. Nevertheless, Scaloni expressed a desire to have Messi’s presence with the team, and Messi cleverly leveraged a legal loophole to secure permission to be in the dugout.