Mammootty And Mohanlal Collaborated In The Feature Film Titled WhatsApp Channel

Mammootty and Mohanlal made a joint announcement about their participation in the ‘WhatsApp Channel’ feature, sharing the news through their respective social media platforms. This innovative feature, akin to Telegram channels, provides an avenue for fans to stay updated on various aspects of their favorite stars, including movie-related news and updates.Mammootty, in his post, expressed his enthusiasm for launching his official WhatsApp channel, where he intends to share personal details and timely updates. He extended a warm invitation to his followers to join the channel.

On the other hand, Mohanlal introduced his official WhatsApp channel, inviting fans to follow along for exclusive insights into his latest projects. He also welcomed everyone to become part of a larger community of movie enthusiasts.The WhatsApp channel serves as a unidirectional broadcasting tool, allowing individuals or organizations to disseminate content to their subscribers within the WhatsApp platform, mirroring the functionality of Telegram channels. Subscribers can receive updates from their favorite personalities and groups, but unlike conventional groups, only administrators possess the ability to send messages within the channel. It supports various media formats such as images, videos, stickers, polls, and more.Subscribers can conveniently access channel messages in a dedicated tab named ‘Updates,’ with the added functionality of searching for specific channels of interest. Notably, messages within these channels have a limited validity of 30 days, after which they are automatically removed.