Indian sporting talent in power and strength lifting Rohan Shah gets felicitated at BNI National Conference, Mahabalipuram, Chennai

Rohan Shah as a young athlete yet again garners headlines by making his name count down south, getting honored by the National Director of BNI, India.

The outstanding momentum and crazy growth levels a few industries have attained in all these years can be attributed to so many different factors. No one can deny that the constant technological advents and developments have made a positive difference across industries of the world, but it must also be noted that this could get possible due to the relentless commitment, dedication and passion a few professionals showed in their respective sectors, ultimately bringing their industries to the forefront, just like young Indian athlete Rohan Shah did in the last few years, contributing heavily to the sports world.

This time, yet again, this incredible sporting talent has reached the forefront and become the talk of the talk for all the right reasons. Rohan Shah ( was recently felicitated at BNI National conference 2023 by the National Director of BNI INDIA, Mr. Hemu Suwarna. He was felicitated at the much-talked-about event for being “An International Athlete To Bring Gold Medals For India in Power Lifting Championship.” He was honored by the National Director at the BNI International Conference, 2023, held in Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

Speaking on getting this honor, Rohan Shah said, “I am ever grateful and ever thankful for the recognition BNI gave me at the conference. This has motivated me further to do my best and keep a razor-sharp focus on my goals to achieve bigger wins for India.” Expressing his gratitude he says, “Special gratitude to my Executive Director of BNI Bilaspur South Dr. Kiranpal Singh Chawla sir, who has given a platform to let my talent shine. I can’t thank him enough for the opportunities he gave me.”

Rohan Shah as an athlete, has always turned heads with his accomplishments, records and winning streak at varied district, state, national and international championships in power and strength lifting. As a professional sports player, he made sure to give it his all in every competition and championship he decided to be a part of, which led him to win big for India and earn his well-deserved medals for the country.

Rohan Shah (@rohan_shah_athlete) has to his name accomplishments like 2 bronze medals at the 8th World Strength Lifting & Incline Bench press Championship in Thailand (2020), 2 gold medals at the Global Power Alliance Power Lifting EUROASIA Championship in Kyiv, Ukraine (2020), 2 bronze medals at the 9th World Strength Lifting & Incline Bench press Championship in Kyrgyzstan (2022), and 1 gold medal at the International Strength Lifting & Incline Bench press Championship in Nepal, Kathmandu (2023).