Introducing Kidsmate – A New Brand for Kids Toys

City/Date: Kidsmate, a revered name in the kids’ toys and accessory segment is excited to announce the launch of its new range of toys. These safe and high-quality toys are designed to ensure zero-exposure to harmful plastics for the kids, and nurture their growth and curiosity.

The new range of toys are meticulously crafted with keeping the cognitive development of the kids in mind. The focus of this range is to engage, entertain and educate the kids. From improving their sensory stimulations to different colours and shapes to improving motor skills through the handling of the toys, it will aid in the development of the kids from their early stages.

Kidsmate’s – A trusted name in baby care

Kidsmate is a well-known name in the kids’ toys and accessories segment. The company has wide range of excellent quality of tricycles, scooters, kids’ cars, strollers and play mats. It has also introduced accessories like baby wet wipes, quick dry sheets, and baby-proofing corner guards.
The products are highly appreciated by the parents due to the design, ease of use, and quality of materials. Kidsmate ensures that no harmful materials are used in developing these products as it can harm the health and well-being of the kids. All the products are made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials and undergoes rigorous testing to meet all the safety guidelines.
Apart from delivering the best quality products for future generations, the company also fulfils its commitment to the environment by using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Starting from the toys to the packaging items, we take significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Customer and community are where our commitment lies

“Kidsmate’s track record in delivering the best quality product has been highly appreciated, and its success has further reinvigorated the company’s commitment to the customers and the community that places faith in us.” Said the CEO of the company, Mr./Mrs. (name).

“With the introduction of the new range of toys, Kidsmate is aiming to continue on the mission of ensuring that no kid is exposed to harmful plastics. We have focused on using only the best materials for our toys and ensure peace of mind for the parents.” he/she further commented on the eve of the launch.


Currently Kidsmate products are available across all the leading e-commerce platforms including Amazon. Also, we are available in different platforms dedicated to kids’ products like Firstcry, Snooplay, etc.

The new range of toys will also be available through our current retailers and all the leading online shopping platforms.

About Kidsmate

Kidsmate has been a leading name in the segment of baby tricycles and strollers. The company has successfully designed some of the popular products in this segment and garnered accolades from parents. The reviews Kidsmate received across the e-commerce platforms are a testament to the trust they place in us. With the introduction of new baby care products and toys, Kidsmate aims to continue this journey and deliver even better experiences to parents and children alike.