From Adversity to Achievement: The Inspiring Journey of Khusendra Sharma

The perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit is shown by Khusendra Sharma, born in Rungdhu, Bermiok Sikkim. Sharma continued to demonstrate his resilience and determination, despite facing initial difficulties, including the loss of his father.

Sharma’s education in government schools in his native region shaped his outlook on life and instilled a strong work ethic despite financial constraints. After the death of his father, Sharma was supported by TP Adhikari, who guided him through his studies and pursued various careers, including farming and road safety.

Sharma’s entrepreneurial aspirations led him to establish a dairy manufacturing unit in Legship, Jorethang, and diversify into sweets production despite initial setbacks. In the spirit of the “growing together” philosophy, Sharma, a dedicated community worker, actively sought employment opportunities to strengthen his community. Despite his achievements, despite the pressure of the community, Sharma remains humble, focusing on the expansion of his business empire and the creation of a prosperous legacy for future¬†generations.